So, What Exactly is the Difference Between Raw Agave and Golden Agave?

Our Born Sweet® Organic Raw Agave and Born Sweet® Organic Golden Agave are made from the sweetness found in the core of Mother Nature’s own blue agave plant, which was farmed and harvested with care for 5-6 years. With zero artificial ingredients, each of our agave sweeteners are completely organic and GMO-free, making them ideal for vegan and plant-based diets. Both Raw and Golden Agave sweeteners undergo a similar production process, creating a bright bold sweetener that blends easily and has a lower glycemic index than sugar. They are perfect for adding a depth of flavor and a unique sweetness to everything from beverages to baked goods, fresh fruit, waffles and even as general table-top use.

The difference between our Raw and Golden Agave can be better understood through a unique step in its production process. To make our Raw Agave, the liquid extracted from the blue agave plant is heated at a much lower temperature for a longer period of time, giving it a more full-bodied flavor and a rich amber color. Raw Agave is a delicious complement to tea, as well as dry and hot cereals, baked goods, protein drinks and sauces.

Golden Agave is filtered more times than the Raw Agave in order to achieve its gorgeous golden hue. In terms of flavor, the Golden Agave has a more mild, neutral flavor which makes it great for enhancing the natural flavors of coffee, tea, fruit beverages, fresh fruits, fruit smoothies, salad dressings and various other prepared foods.

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